Books and Monographs

Revolution and Reform in Ukraine: Evaluating Four Years of Reform, with Grigore Pop-Eleches and Graeme Robertson, PONARS Eurasia, July 2018. 70 pages.

Refereed Articles

“Why the Difference? Donbas, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk After Ukraine’s Euromaidan Revolution,” Europe-Asia Studies, 2021, 73:10, 1832-1856.

Working Papers and Work in Progress

“Oligarchic Networks of Influence and Legislatures in Developing Democracies: Evidence from Ukraine”

“The Extremely Rich during the Politics of the Extraordinary: Oligarchic Networks of Influence and the Russo-Ukrainian War”

“Public Support for the Superrich”

“Corporate Resilience at Time of War,” with Inna Melnykovska.